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Prom Dresses Styling Tips for the Prom Season

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ImageThe prom season is here, and it doesn’t matter if you are only hitting up the prom or if you’ve got an event invitation, you will need something great to wear. Fortunately, prom dresses can never lack versatility, it is easier than you think to style your look. Here are some chic tips for helping you get an idea of fashion prom dresses 2012, scroll on down to view them all!

Great Lengths – Floor Length Prom Dresses

Sure, long dress is somewhat predictable this time of year, but it’s also wildly fabulous! We love the way Kate Middleton rocked the trend in her floor length prom dress.

One Shoulder Show-Off – One Shoulder Prom Dresses

Although strapless styles are fairly popular for festive party, this season we found one shoulder prom dresses have been hotter than ever. Look for one that incorporates another trend such a metallic hue or a tulle skirt to make it modern! One tip for wearing one shoulder dress is to keep the accessories simple.

Bling it On – Beaded Prom Dresses

It’s party time! There is no more perfect time than this occasion to shine through. If you don’t already have a sequined piece in your wardrobe, try to get a prom dress with sparkly material. A version like metallic, bejeweled or beaded dress will be your go-to all parties.

Tulle Hot – Prom Dresses with Transparent Net

Flirty and transparent fabrics are crazy-popular this year. We especially love tulle pieces like the fairy-like floor-length prom dress with transparent net.

Faster Delivery Dresses

Need your prom dress urgently? Store such as provides tons of faster delivery dresses which need only 10 days from order to your door. Make sure you will not miss it!

Styling Accessories

The common belief tells it’s uncomfortable to wear heels. However, no pain, no gain, and all that! Well, high heels with ankles, straps, and buckles — anything that constrains the foot and keeps it securely in place — do the trick, no matter the heel height. Try it and be enlightened. Last but not least, wear appropriate jewelry! While diamonds and platinum are not budget-friendly, think about something cheaper like the rhinestone jewelry.

What Do You Think?

Hopefully you pick up a few prom dresses tips that will apply to your event! Meanwhile, do any of you have other styling tips? If you do, be sure to let us know by leaving a comment below!

Ostrich feathers

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ImageOstrich feathers have being used since ancient times. They were used in Egypt by Cleopatra and King Tutankhamen in ornamentation and fans. In Rome they were used by roman officers in their headgear to indicate their rank. Today these feathers are used in centerpieces in wedding ceremonies (for example used in the prom dresses) and other events like baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, confirmation, communion, corporate event, engagement, family reunion, high school prom, graduation, school reunion, sweet sixteen, or New Year’s Eve party etc .

Ostrich feathers are available in many different colors like black, gray, gold, orange, red, pink, yellow, fuchsia, magenta, burgundy, blue, navy, teal, turquoise, purple, Kelly green, emerald, forest, lime, rose, lavender, royal, mint, peach and cream. Ostrich feathers or drabs make very elegant centerpieces.

With Ostrich plumes we can also make very soft dusters. They are also used for cleaning purposes as they have natural oil in them which attract dust particles and hold on dust particles. These dusters last long after long frequent use. They easily clean dust without pressing hard. Also these dusters can be easily cleaned after their use with a mild soap or shampoo. Also if possible use lukewarm water to clean it and then leave it overnight or use a hairdryer to dry it. Also store them at room temperature so that they last long as humidity can damage them. These dusters can be used to clean knickknacks, glass, electronics, furniture etc.

We can make quiet eye catchy feather tress with ostrich feathers and can use bright, colorful and dyed feathers. Theses feathers comes in 5 inches to 30 inches of length and natural colors in which they are available are brown, grey, white and black and also we can dye them to achieve the color of our choice. Dying an ostrich feather is also not a tedious job and this can be done at home only by following simple steps.

First of all choose the dye according to your taste whether you want any vibrant color or want a subtle look.
Take a big container filled with water and cook the ingredients until their colors are released and place the feathers into the water without bending them. Let the feathers soak the color and let them get darker than the color you want because once they are dried the color will lighten.
Take the feathers out of the container and in order to dry the feathers use a hairdryer with lowest settings so that you do not scorch them with direct heat and after that pat them with a towel to get off moisture as much as possible.
Now place them on a newspaper and put dry starch on them and after sometime shake the feathers one by one or tap them against table edge or any other edge to get starch out of them. This will give fluffiness to the feathers.
Not only fashion designers are using natural color or dyed ostrich feathers in their prom or evening dresses but now these feathers are liked by many women and are used by them to add grace to their dresses, hairstyles and give them an elegant look.

Prom Dresses: Which Design and style to Wear?

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ImageHigh school life generally caps off with a unforgettable prom evening. For senior high school participants, this demonstrates the finish of the four years spent learning, having a good time, and making pals. Prom evening is without doubt probably the most anticipated occasion in a senior student’s life especially for ladies. That is the key reason why finding the ideal gown to have on is crucial.

There are lots of types of prom dresses, but they’re essentially classified into two: lengthy dresses and party dresses or short clothes. Which of them are suitable to put on for a fun evening? Long dresses give classic style, while cocktail outfits are perfect for projecting a trend statement and freshness.

Long prom dresses

Most girls decide to have on something lengthy, since this makes them feel a bit more elegant and matured. As an example, the halter form lengthy dresses are perfect for girls with nice shoulders and beautifully toned arms. Empire cut design prom dresses, however, are ideal for those that want to cover a bulge or two. This dress also appears to be “princessy” and is likewise suitable for most body types.

The mermaid form dresses are body fitted outfits that highlight the waist, hips, and lower limbs. They are perfect for ladies with curvaceous physiques. These varieties of prom dresses are extremely common among high school ladies as it permits them to dress their age and nonetheless display what they have got.

For those that want to impart delicate sexiness and style, a black bustier gown is ideal. Despite the fact that many feel sporting black may be unexciting, adding accessories is the key to having black prom dresses stick out. Putting on the right add-on helps make the outfit distinctive even with the chance that another girl might be sporting a black number.

A-line gowns can also be a common design of lengthy prom dresses. This type of gown is ideal for all those with athletic form as well as for ladies who do not have significantly shape, because the A-line dress produces the illusion of sexier waist and hips.

Cocktail dresses

Girls who’ve a good taste for style generally select brief dresses since they don’t like mixing within the crowd. Furthermore, those that want to display just a little bit more of flesh favor cocktail prom dresses. The little black gown or in any other case known as LBD is the most common cocktail form gown. This type of outfit is perfect for ladies with lengthy gorgeous legs and wonderful looking skin. Cocktail dresses are typically bustier, but there are numerous other types to select from like heart-shaped bust lines and empire reduce types. Petite ladies also appear wonderful in shorter gowns. This particular gown produces the optical illusion of length and is way more comfortable to put on than classic lengthy gown varieties.

Get noticed in your prom evening with a lovely outfit. Help make this night unforgettable.

Find the dress form that flatters your physique kind and match it with extras so as to add zest to your appearance. There’s no need to invest big money, for some wonderful items are just some clicks away. You can even buy prom dresses at respectable on-line stores which offer not only a ton of appropriately costed merchandise, but additionally numerous designs. Plus, absolutely nothing beats the comfort of carrying out the buying from where you might be resting.