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Wide Satin Sash for a Christmas Prom Dress

Seniors look forward to prom from the time the school year begins. As the special event approaches, you can make wide satin sashes for the prom queen and court to wear at the big event. The sashes are easy and inexpensive to make, so you can send the elected royalty home with mementos of the culmination of their high school years. You can create simple ribbon sashes for prom, or add a bit of glittery flair with glue-on gemstones or iron-on rhinestones(Christmas cocktail dresses online).

Christmas cocktail dresses

Christmas cocktail dresses

Cut a piece of satin ribbon to a length of about 72 inches.

Lay the ribbon on your work surface with one end in front of you. Cut out a triangular shape from the end, and then flip the fabric to put the other end in front of you. Cut out the same shape from this end.

Insert the end of the embroidery thread through the eye of the needle. Sew a row of small straight stitches all the way around the outside edge of the ribbon.

Fold the sash in half, and measure about 4 inches up from where the ends now overlap. Make a small mark on the wrong and right sides of the ribbon, at both ends, with a piece of chalk.

Cut two 1-inch squares of hook-and-loop fastener. Pin one of the squares over one of the marks on the wrong side of the fabric. Pin the other square at the other end of the ribbon, over the mark on the right side of the fabric. Sew the hook-and-loop fasteners in place.

Write the words “Prom Queen” or “Prom Court” across the sash, using a pencil. Paint over the letters with a metallic fabric paint pen. Let the paint dry, according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

Wrap the sash over the teen’s shoulder, and press the fasteners together to keep it closed.


Nice Duct Tape Dress for Christmas

Making a dress out of duct tape is becoming a common sight at school formals. The makers of duct tape offer college scholarship money for the best duct tape Christmas prom dress and duct tape tuxedo each year. Duct tape is available at home improvement stores and discount retailers in a wide variety of colors.

Choose the colors of duct tape for the dress, and purchase.BM13013-4

Design the duct tape pattern to be used in the Christmas cocktail dresses, sketch if possible.

Find and old dress, or T-shirt and shirt, for the duct tape dress form.

Cut areas of fabric to create the desired neckline and sleeves if needed.

Place the ironed fabric onto a sewing form. A friend of yours can model the clothes while attaching the tape if a form is not available.

Wrap duct tape are the bottom of the skirt or dress hem. Tuck the excess tape under the garment and press firmly to attach. Continue wrapping duct tape horizontally until you reach the waist area. Carefully align the seams while adding each additional line of duct tape. Press evenly and firmly to adhere the duct tape to the garment.

Cut a slip into the backside of the top of the waist area so that you can remove the garment. Cove the slit firmly with the same color duct tape when wearing the dress. Press the added tape firmly into place; tuck any excess tape on the inside of the garment.

Wrap duct tape horizontally around the bottom of the T-shirt area, or just above the waist on a dress. Press firmly while attaching each section of duct tape.

Place duct tape vertically on the sleeve area of the garment. Press firmly on each section of tape.

Cut a slit in the back of the garment near the shoulders. Cover the slip with duct tape before wearing the garment.

Repeat the entire wrapping process with a second layering of duct tape. The second layer of tape stiffens the garment and prevents tearing or fraying while wearing.

Bend duct tape into a flower or diamond shape to embellish the garment.

How to Look Beautiful on Prom Day

Prom is a special event that every girl would want to look absolutely stunning for. Here are a few tips on how to get that look.Does this Spark an idea?

Make a check list of everything that you need or want to get done for the prom. This way as you move along you can keep track of things that you’ve already taken care of and things that you still need to. You could title it: Things to do Before & After Prom Day.

GET THE PERFECT DRESS FOR YOU. The key to buying a Christmas prom dress is to find one that fits your body and your budget well. There are amazing dresses out there that don’t cost an arm and leg. Take some time to shop around and get some price estimates on what you like.BM13011-1

With picking your Christmas cocktail dresses try going for ORIGINALITY, the last thing you’d want is for someone else to show up wearing the same dress you are. Start with some basics: what is a color you look really good in? Would the dress be beautiful but comfortable at the same time? etc.

Think of your dress as the sun and everything else should revolve around it. What does that mean? That all your accessories like shoes, purse, jewelry, etc. should go with the dress instead of the dress going with them. This doesn’t mean that everything has to match either (you may actually want to stay away from matching everything head to toe).

SHOES: When picking your prom shoes something to consider are if you will be able to walk in the shoes that you pick. Shoes come in so many varieties, you can either chose to wear flats for stability, wedges which have stability but also give you that high heel effect, or high heels which can be difficult to walk in but are a sexy way to top off your dress. The good thing about shoes is that they are versatile, however, the thing to look out for is to make sure that they match your purse (balances out).

HAIR: Hair is important when it comes to looking beautiful. Some girls prefer to wear their hair short at prom while others would rather wear it long or pined up. The thing you want to do is get people’s heads to turn. Consult your stylist on a style that you may want and that you think would look good with your dress. For example, an evening gown just wouldn’t go right with a mowhawk would it?…well, you may disagree with me, nevertheless it’s your choice!

While at the beautician don’t forget to get your eyebrows arched. Either you can do it yourself or have them done by the professionals either way they are important for shaping your face.

Pay attention to your body. You wouldn’t want to wear a fabulous gown only to realize that your nails look horrible or that your skin is dry. If you can’t go out to the spa give yourself an at home spa treatment. Take a relaxing bath, shave, moisturize, exfoliate, file and paint your nails (or you can choose to get fake nails professionally put on if you have short nails or you can buy a “do it yourself” nail kit from you local drug store). Don’t forget to give yourself a pedicure too especially if you’re going to wear open toe sandals/shoes.

MAKEUP: The key to wearing makeup is to never over do it. A little can actually go a long way. Start with some basics such as eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, lip stick and lip gloss (lip gloss applied over a little slip stick, try it!). If you’re not good at putting on your own make up try to find someone who is.

Last but not least, if you have a prom date, make sure they match your colors. It can be as simple as the same color tie or vest as your dress.