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Prom Dresses 2012 Trends from the Golden Globes Red Carpet

As one of the 2012 major red carpet events, the 69th Golden Globe Awards definitely had a good beginning. From hairstyles to beauty makeup to various styles of jewelry, all celebrities were so glammed up. But what was the most impressed? Of course–the prom dresses that made stars stepping up the red carpet. Inspired by this great event, here I would like to show you some prom dresses trends in 2012.

Mermaid Prom Dresses

ball gown dress 2012

ball gown dress 2012

Unlike A-line prom dress and ball gowns, fishtail or mermaid prom dresses are a classic way for ladies to highlight a feminine silhouette and show off enviable curves. Obviously, they have been almost ubiquitous on the Golden Globes red carpet. Actress like Paula Patton, Kate Beckinsale, Rooney Mara, Elle Macpherson, Reese Witherspoon and Tilda Swinton all looked fabulous on mermaid dresses(ball gown dress 2012.

Nude Hues Prom Dresses

Back to the 2010 color spectrum, nude shade was a big trend while soft nude hues have been an A-list favorite all the way through 2011 and into 2012 with no sign of stopping. From Jiuliana Rancic’s nude high collar dress to Katherine Mcphee’s strapless knee length mermaid dress to Jessica Biel’s nude slit prom dress, quite a slew of celebrities seemed to be obsessed with this color on Golden Globes red capet.

However, they worn this color in a totally different way. While last year’s nude tones were accompanied by glitter and sparkle, prom dresses 2012’s are a far more muted affair, coupled with statement jewels such as Heidi Klum’s stylish blue necklace matching her neat nude dress, or the pretty capped sleeves dress worn by Julie Bowen, or a chunky gold bangle opted by Kristen Wiig to go with her backless nude dress.

Black and White Prom Dresses 2012

Black and white dress is a classic combo and it became firm favourites with the red carpet crowd this year. Claire Danes in J. Mendel, Best Actress-winning Kate Winslet all worked the trend to perfection. The interesting thing was that these actresses showed how to use it to their advantage. Kate wore black on top and white on bottom to minimize her bust while Clair threw in a backless black prom dress to show her curve. They really combined the two colors to have a monochrome moment at the awards ceremony.

Prom – 3 tips for buying a prom dress

ball gown dress 2012

ball gown dress 2012

One of the most important steps in preparing for Prom is picking out the right dress(ball gown dress 2012, shoes and complimenting accessories. Here is a brief list of things you will need: a formal gown, shoes, earrings, an evening handbag and a nice perfume. Of course you can add more, but these are the essentials. You should begin by looking at pictures online, in fashion magazines and local boutique stores to get some ideas. Local stores are invaluable because they often carry catalogs that may contain dresses that aren’t on display. Your main goal should be determining the appropriate style for the current year and identifying your dress size. Most importantly – try to get a feel for what looks best on you. It’s always a good idea to turn this process into a social activity, so bring friends! Once you have determined the size, style and color that are appropriate for you, you will have several options to get the right dress.

Option 1:
Buy a dress at a local boutique. This option is pretty straight forward. You come in into the store, speak with a consultant, select a dress, get measured and order it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Once the dress comes in, the appropriate alterations will be made. While this may be a fairly convenient option, it may not be the best one. Firstly, the dress will most likely be very generic. Chances are, there will be others at the Prom, wearing this same dress. Secondly, expect to pay a pretty penny. Thirdly, it may take several MONTHS for the dress to get delivered.

Option 2:
Hire a seamstress. Select fabric and a style of dress that you like. Then, get measured and have a seamstress make a truly unique gown just for you! This option is a surefire way to get you noticed at the Prom. On top of this, you will now have a quality gown to wear to formal events in the future. Another advantage of this option is that you will probably get your dress much faster than with option 1. Unfortunately, there is a downside. Hiring a seamstress will be your most expensive option by far.

Option 3:
Buy online. This is probably the best method for buying a prom dress these days. Start by visiting a local boutique to get your measurements (it should be free). Now, try on a few styles and see what works best for you. Afterwards, go home and do a little browsing on the web. Doing a simple Google image search on Prom dresses is guaranteed to give you plenty of ideas. Once you decided on the style and color, visit one of many online dress stores and find what you need. This step will be much easier than visiting individual local boutiques. Not to mention the fact that online stores will have much better variety and much lower prices. The arrival time for your dress should also be much lower than with the other options. Once your dress arrives, try it on and inspect it for any damages and see how it fits. More than likely, it will need some alterations. The good news is that there are many seamstresses around and making alterations is very cheap.

Once you made your decision on a Prom dress, you should get some matching shoes and accessories. Selecting shoes will greatly depend on your local climate. It is always a good bet to go with closed-toed shoes, since it may be too cold to wear open-toed shoes or sandals. After selecting a pair of shoes, you may also consider some accessories. A dress purse, a bracelet, a pair or evening gloves, some nice earrings and e hair accessories will make you stand out from the crowd.