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Prom Dresses: The Hottest Styles of Prom Dresses in 2012

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ImageBeads Indeed
Beads add pizazz to any prom dress, and whether they’re used sparingly or liberally, they’re showing up everywhere for prom 2012.

Serious Shine
You can’t go wrong with a lame prom dress. Whether you opt for pink, red, gold, silver or black, lame is hot, hot, hot!

Bright is the New Black
Want to stand out in a sea of black? Wear a boldly colored prom dress. From brilliant blue to deep red, a brightly-colored prom dress(like baby blue prom dress) will make it your night to shine.

Sleek Chic
Curve-hugging styles (as seen on the red carpet) are just as hot for prom 2012 as they are for celebrities.

Fashion Flair
Let your glamorous side out to play in a prom dress that that’s all about making you the star. Sequin, beads, metallic fabric – it’s all good for prom 2012!

Golden Girl
Nothing matches the elegance and simplicity of gold. Luckily, you’ll see lots of gold prom dresses for 2012.

Bold Print
One of the freshest trends for prom 2012 is the influx of prints for prom dresses. Whether you choose floral or graphic or somewhere in between, a prom dress that bears a print is sure to get you lots of attention.

Short Story
Do you have a fondness for short dresses? You’re in luck! Short prom dresses are gaining more and more attention and make unique alternatives for your special night
White On
Tired of black prom dresses? Go to the other extreme by wearing a white prom dress! White is a timeless and elegant choice that will never steer you wrong.

Think Pink
What’s a prom without pink prom dresses! If you truly want to feel like a princess, a pink prom dress just might be the way to go. From frilly to sleek, a pink prom dress will make you look and feel like royalty.

Almost anything goes for prom dresses in 2012. Choose one based on what you like and what looks good on you, but above all, choose the one that makes you feel special.

Prom Dresses: The Hottest Styles of Prom Dresses in 2012

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ImageWith the coming of the 2012 prom season, more and more girls are hunting the latest prom trends and fashions. They don’t want to miss the golden opportunity to become focus of the prom just because their prom dresses are no longer trendy and fashionable. However, facing such a stunning selection of prom dresses to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out what prom dresses are in style and what dresses are last year’s trends. Here is a guide to some of the hottest prom dress styles.

1. Open Backs.
It is a better choice to wear open back prom dresses or backless prom dresses if you want to be daring on the last night of your high school years. You can find designer looks with a swooping back or straps across your back. But you need to make sure that it follows all of your school’s prom dress rules as well as approval from your parents. Anyway, it is an important evening in your life that is attended by your parents and teachers.

2. Short-Length Prom Dress s.
Over the last few years, short prom dresses (also short wedding dresses) have grown in popularity and that is no exception for 2011 styles. Instead of a long dress, consider a short prom dress which will show off your fabulous legs and shoes.

3. Bold, Colorful Prints
Prom dress s do not have to be a single color with beading or bows like the often were years ago. Prints are extremely popular this year, especially prints that are colorful and bold. Go to the prom dress markets, you can find tons of styles in stunning fabrics combing lines, floral designs, or even animal prints. This is not the year to be subtle with color. Choose any color without worrying about whether it is traditional or not, go for it just because you like.

4. White and Black Options.
Even though bold bright colors are popular this year, all black or all white prom dress s are always the classic styles to wear. Usually, the all black or white prom dresses should be accessorized with jewelry in any bright colors such as sunset orange and neon green.

5. Beading Prom Dresses.
While in 2007 and 2008 prom dress s with sequins were extremely popular, this year the beading gets above the sequins. Beading on the prom dresses add a little sparkle to the dress s and even create a print using the different color of beads. Of your budget is tight, you can buy a prom dress with little beads on the top parts instead buying an all–over beading prom dress ..

I just introduce some of the prom dress s that are popular this year. Though it is important to follow the new trends when choosing prom dresses, as a rule of thumb, if you like the dress and it fits your body well, wear it and enjoy it. That will make you more confident on the prom if you are satisfied with your own style.