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How to Choose a Tiara (Wedding or Prom)

Choosing a bridal or prom tiara can be a daunting process, especially if you are thinking of buying on-line. Therefore we have written this page to help you choose the perfect tiara for you.A tiara is a fantastic highlight to any coloured wedding dresses australia. They can be worn with or without a veil and are usually covered with pearls, crystals etc. They compliment both short hairstyles and upswept hairstyles.When selecting your tiara, your face shape and hairstyle are far more important than the style or colour of your dress.Types of tiaraComb – a simple piece that can be worn with almost any hairstyleHeadband – a very flexible option. For those wearing their down, a headband can be used to keep the hair off the face. It can also be worn with up swept hairstyles too.Bun ring – this is a complete circle that is worn around an up do and is very classical.Back piece – this is worn at the back of the head so that the attention is not drawn to the tiara. It can be worn with a low bun or French twist.V-band – is only suitable for a few people who want to draw attention to the front of their face and to compliment a longer face.Choose a tiara according to your face shapeRound face – to add height choose a taller tiara or one that comes to a peak in the centreLong face – avoid taller tiaras that will make your face look even longer. Choose a headband with little or no height.Oval face – avoid tiaras with a peak at the top as this will make your face look even longer. A lower tiara, headband or back piece will be most flattering.Full face – choose a tiara that comes to peak in the centre to give the appearance of a longer face.Choose a tiara according to your hairstyle and colourShort hair – wear headbands or lighter more delicate tiaras that don’t require too much pinning. Combs and pins or a heavy tiara are less likely to stay in place.Up swept hair – if you are wearing your hair up, a tall tiara will be required so that it doesn’t look lost. An elaborate headband would look best, but hair combs and pins could be an alternative.Hair down – a headband is best to keep the hair off the face.Hair colour – dark shades of hair and platinum blondes look best with white crystals and silver tones. Red and light brown hair tones look better with ivory pearls and gold tones.Choose a tiara according to your wedding / prom dressDetails in your dress should be matched in your tiara. Use crystals with crystals, ivory pearls with ivory pearls etcIf you have floral details in your dress, look for a tiara with floral detail.As a general rule, if your dress is of a modern design, then it will look best with a modern tiara and accessories. A more traditional style dress suits more traditional tiaras and accessories.A plain straight modern dress suits tiaras with geometric patterns and/or straight lines.Silver tone, crystals and white pearls compliment a white dress.Gold tone and ivory pearls compliment ivory and off white dresses.Diamond white dresses (between white and off white) are a good match for gold or silver tones.If you have a v-necked dress you could choose a tiara that comes to a peak in the centre.