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Enhance Your Beauty in Stunning Prom Dresses

Christmas evening dresses

Christmas evening dresses

Choosing a flattering and fitted prom dress(Christmas evening dresses on sale) is necessary and it is a good start, so as to make you become the focus of the eyes during the special night. Prom is a special occasion at the end of a high school year which is full of fun and exciting moments. If you are a girl who is in pursuit of fashion, I believe that you will focus your attention on the popular trend.
There are so many styles waiting for you to snap them up and it is a big challenge to pick out a stunning one. You had better take your body shape, unique personality and favorite into consideration. Make sure the style you are interested in can show off your best features and conceal the parts that you are not confident of. For example, if you are featuring a bit fat waist, there is no doubt that the design that will work well on you features empire waist. That is because the fabulous high waistline will draw people’s attention from your waist to your neck or facial appearance. When it comes to your personality, if you are a traditional girl, obviously, the attires that expose a lot will make you uneasy. When your clothing is your favorite, I am sure that you will be confident wearing it and confidence will add to your glamour.


Top Prom and Formal Gown Designers of 2012

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentleman! The beginning of each year marks the beginning of the prom planning season for many U.S. teenagers and their parents. The senior prom is a once in a lifetime event, and although many schools also have a junior prom – there is something extra special about the last formal dance of your high school career. Generally speaking, teen girls and their mothers lead the pack when it comes to picking the perfect prom gown, accessories, hair styles and flowers. The failing economy likely has many parents looking for deals on affordable gowns that are beautiful yet easy on the wallet. Many gown designers are aware of this, and have adjusted their collections properly.

baby blue prom dresses

baby blue prom dresses

Let’s take a look at what we can expect from some of the hottest prom dress designers for 2012! 1. Jovani: Jovani is known for their excellent quality and high fashion collections. They have gowns that are promised to flatter all shapes and sizes. They pay extra special attention to detail so their baby blue prom dresses are all hand sewn to ensure the perfect look. Although this is all about the prom, know that Jovani’s dresses can be worn at any formal event by women of all ages. Their gowns ar stunningly beautiful and can be seen on many young Hollywood starlets. They aren’t afraid to play with fashion forward embellishments like feathers, sequin and beads. You can find a gown perfect for any occasion, from the prom to the military ball, and even bridal wear.

Plus Size Dresses, for Weddings and Proms, Ignore the Size Tag and Have Fun

short prom dresses on sale

short prom dresses on sale

For a Plus Size Girl, weddings and proms can be a frustrating event. Not only are the latest and greatest fashions, displayed on a size 2 manikin, they do not have the same appeal when you try them on in a size 14 and up.
Statistics show, that six out of every 10 women are considered Plus Size, and many of these girls, are just big frames, not really a large size at all. But when they go shopping in the regular malls, they will find dresses that are geared for much smaller and lighter framed girls. Plus size stores have started popping up around the cities, as the retailers see that there is a need, but still many of the styles do not flatter the plus size girl. Girls start crash dieting to try and fit in with the norm, or squeeze themselves into short prom dresses on sale that just don’t fit. If you eat well, and exercise your body, and you are a size 14, then that is your size. Stop looking at the scale and use a tape measure only. Measure yourself properly, do not suck everything in to look an inch smaller, take you actual measurement, and then head for stores that will find a dress that will fit you. You do not want to be fainting on your wedding day, or when dancing with your boyfriend at your prom, you want to remember it, and have a good time. One of the best ways to look gorgeous on your wedding day, or prom date, is to find a dress that fits all of your curves. It doesn’t pull in one place, and bulge out another. If you wear a dress that is too small, you will actually look chunkier than if you get a dress that fits you well.

Evening Wedding Attire Etiquette

Whether you’ve been invited to or are having a wedding that will take place in the evening, it's important to be aware of the etiquette associated with such an event. Part of adhering to the etiquette rules for an evening wedding is knowing what to wear; using specific courtesies will help you to look your best at the ceremony and reception.Does this Spark an idea?


If the evening wedding is especially formal, or will be a black tie event, it is appropriate to wear a tuxedo. The tuxedo should be accompanied by a black bow tie and cummerbund–it is not proper etiquette to wear a tie and cummerbund in the wedding color(s), as these will probably be worn by the groomsmen.

A formal, full-length gown is ideal for women who are attending an evening wedding. The lines of the gown should be simple and clean, and the dress should not be extremely form-fitting, so as not to upstage the bride on her special day. The accents of the dress should be modest as well, so things like multi-colored sequins or pearl-lined collars should be avoided. The color of the dress should complement the skin color and undertones of the woman wearing the dress, so that the outfit will not attract unwanted attention.

Guests at semi-formal weddings should dress slightly less formally than they would for a black tie event. A tuxedo is not necessary for a semi-formal wedding, but men should wear a well-tailored suit in a dark color such as black or navy blue. affordable cocktail dresses online are appropriate for women to wear to a semi-formal evening wedding–the dress should fall at least below the knee.

The bridal party will be dressed in the attire that the bride and groom have chosen; bridesmaids will likely be dressed in full-length gowns in one of the wedding colors, and the groomsmen will wear ties and cummerbunds with their tuxedos in the same colors as the bridesmaids' dresses, or in the alternating wedding color. The hostesses can wear dresses that are slightly different from the bridesmaids' in length or color, and male ushers can be dressed in the same outfit as the groomsmen.

The bride's dress will have a significantly long train for an evening wedding. If the bride chooses to wear a veil, this is full-length as well. Gloves, usually in satin, are worn by the bride to cover her arms, but it is also appropriate to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress. The groom can wear a tuxedo, or a white waistcoat and white bow tie–if the groom wants to be especially formal, he can wear white gloves and a top hat.

Evening Wear Etiquette

Evening wear has expanded greatly, and it no longer means a stuffy shirt and tie for men or a princess-like ball gown for women. Experiment and push the envelope, especially when an invitation arrives with a vague dress code requirement. That said, there are a few rules to following for evening wear.Does this Spark an idea?


For women, the notion of evening wear can run from a affordable cocktail dresses online to a tuxedo-inspired pantsuit and many looks in between. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so make the most of styling a standard little black dress. Coiffed hair, a smokey eye, and bold jewelry can elevate a simple frock into an amazing fashion moment. If you’re used to sporting one silhouette, experiment with flamboyant shoes. When you think your look needs something extra, go beyond a sparkling necklace and think gloves, tights or even a darling hat. The only real etiquette rule applies if you’re attending a work event. At this point, cover up the cleavage, and keep the hemline at the knees.

Men should always be in a button-up shirt and slacks for any evening event. Jeans can be the exception to the rule for more casual venues or parties, but if you want to play it safe, go with slacks. Shoes should be closed-toe, so opt for loafers, boots or dress shoes, depending on the occasion. A jacket is not required for all evening events, but it’s best to check the invitation or wear a jacket, just in case. It can always be removed if you arrive at the shindig and feel it’s out of place.

Black tie events are fancy and certain evening wear etiquette should be followed regardless of your personal style. Men and women should be dressed to the nines. For men, this means a tuxedo and for women this means an evening gown, affordable cocktail dresses online or very formal pantsuit. Bring out jewels (real or fake) to add glitz to your look. Women should always wear heels. If they are especially bothersome, look for a short, stacked heel that will distribute weight evenly and be easy to walk in.

White tie is the pinnacle of a formal affair. Whereas black tie gives you some room to showcase your own style, white tie has decided the evening wear for you. This is especially true for men, as a white bow tie is expected (and more often, required), with a tailcoat and even a top hat. Opera shoes, which can be found online at any time of the year, should be worn.

For women, a cocktail dress may fly at certain black-tie events, but not for a white-tie affair. Pull out all the stops with a ball gown, your best jewels and heels. Even a tiara is appropriate. When it comes to choosing a gown, color isn’t as important as fabric, so look for rich fabrics like satin, taffeta or brocade. You will likely want to visit a salon for a manicure and to have your hair professionally styled. Keep makeup classic, focusing on either eyes or lips, but never both. The makeup should be refined chic, never garish.

Evening Dresses From the 1960s

The 1960s were an interesting time for evening dresses. In the first half of the decade the gowns and dresses looked no different than what was worn in the mid to late ’50s. By the end of the decade the look was remarkably different. It was, for example, not considered shocking to wear a mini-dress to an event that took place in the evening.Does this Spark an idea?

The fabrics of early ’60s evening dresses were sumptuous: crepe de chine, satin, duchesse satin and organza were commonplace. A woman could wear a gown of gold lame, with a beaded and embroidered organza top and a low neckline. She might wear an overskirt of black faille, with a sash with a bow tied to the side.

A woman might wear a affordable cocktail dresses online of pink silk taffeta with a covering of pale gray lace. The bodice would be sleeveless but fitted and the skirt full and flouncy, with a scalloped, lace-edged hem. Another dress might be an elegant black crepe de chine with a bodice that was not only fitted but boned, with halter straps and a narrow skirt with a pleat and back slit. Women still wore gloves, often elbow length for soirees, possibly in different colors like orange, blue or purple. Shoes had pointed toes and could be gold kidskin or satin.

By the end of the decade, severely-fitted bodices had been dispensed with, as had long gloves. Even dresses were not required for evening wear. In 1966 one might find a woman wearing a man’s black velvet suit, complete with vest and jacket, but worn over a blouse with a lace edged Peter Pan collar and cuffs. The outfit would be worn with square-toed black satin boots with thick heels. The year before, the same woman might be seen wearing a semi-fitted beaded dress with big polka dots on a cerise background, with a bib neckline and shoulder straps. She’d be without jewelry and her hair would be in a severe Louise Brooks bob.

A cocktail dress from 1969 was proof that the revolution had arrived. It was a mini-dress made of plastic and worn with lycra tights. Another evening dress from the same period would look conservative — it, too, was a mini dress, but made of black wool crepe, with a strap neckline and a flared skirt, worn with shoes with tasteful heels. The woman’s long hair would be held back in a black bow.

Evening Dresses for Teens

Teens wear special dresses for occasions such as proms, formal parties and weddings. Designers target teenage girls with trendy fashions, textures and colors. When a teen shops for an evening dress, she should take into account her body type and choose a dress to flatter her shape. Today’s flirty styles, interesting details and variety of fabrics give young girls many options..Does this Spark an idea?


Chiffon is a popular choice of fabric for teen evening dresses, according to Bridgette Raes, New York image and style expert. It is a delicate, translucent material that suits this age group. Lightweight fabrics are okay to wear in cooler weather, but teens should also consider velvets and heavier jacquard options. Bolder teenage girls may prefer shiny knits or fabric with sheen.

Raes says it is all about bright colors for today’s teenage girls. Some of the popular evening dress shades for this age group are vibrant purple, royal blue, red, jade green and even bright yellow. Teens usually avoid the black affordable cocktail dresses online that are popular with adult women. When teens wear neutrals, they are typically extreme hues in grey, gold and soft “makeup” colors such as blush. Florals and prints are once again popular with teens (at the time of writing in 2011).

Interesting straps take center stage on many of today’s simple, elegant evening dresses for teens, according to Raes. Embellishments and jewels such as rhinestones adorn the straps. Teenage girls often want to show off their tan by wearing dresses with open back. The strap attachments create a point of interest. When teens choose shorter dresses, they typically have interesting bottom details, including flutter hems and ruffled flounce skirts. Layers of material such as tulle add bounce underneath the skirt.

Raes says girls under 16 should steer clear of long gowns. She suggests tea length for that age group — below the knee and above the ankle. Older teens can wear longer dresses, especially to proms. They should be free flowing, simple styles that do not look like ball gowns.

Teenage girls want to reflect the latest trends, but Raes says they should also consider body type. If you are a teen with curves, you need to choose a style that shows off your waist, such as the empire dresses. The garment should float away from the body.

Many teenagers have slender frames or are thick in the middle, and a fluid silhouette looks best on them. Although halter dresses are popular with young girls, pear-shaped teenagers should avoid them. Pear-shaped figures need wider necklines and substantial straps to draw the eyes outward and balance out their larger hip and thigh areas.